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1. I got “flowers” from one of my students this morning. I was at the door welcoming my students as they arrived at school. One of my kiddos was playing with toys in the classroom came up to meet at the door and said “Ms. A. I have flowers for you. It was one of the cutest things and totally made my day.

2. We had a lice egg scare this morning. Thankfully, the nurse found no live bugs, but it definitely gave me scary flashbacks to the horrible delousing process, and the horrible haircut from some lady at her house. First thing I did when I got home was to wash my hair and then threw all our bedding and towels in the washer. boots

3. Sorry for the bad picture, but snapped a quick photo of  my wonderful hubbies work on boots for my Puss in Boots small group patterning activity. He cut like 60 out by hand, yeah he’s pretty awesome! ❤

DSC020964. We finished up our Ballads, Folktales, and Fables unit with Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed. Babe the Big Blue Ox helped us work on size differentiation. They did great, this little one worked on his handwriting skills!

5. My students help make Applesauce  for today’s large group activity, and it went really well. “Cooking” is an interesting process with 3 year olds, but they enjoyed it and they actually a healthy snack today.