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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

I’m using the day off to check things off my to-do list. It’s definitely starting to be the busy time of year with ARDs and assessments.

When I wasn’t busy trying to get caught up on ARD paperwork, I created a new token board system.  I will  be completing a lot of assessments in the next couple months,  and I will need a good motivator to get my little ones to work.

So, thanks in part to: Image

Here is what I created (sorry for the glare): Image

The hearts are from Kady Did Doodles and the stars are clip art. One of these days I will figure out how to post it for others to use, especially if there’s interest.

I also made a Valentine’s Day themed file folder game using the hearts. I heart great freebie finds!

I’ve still got to make the motivator choice PECs, but most of the pictures I need are on my classroom camera. Oh well, more work for another day.

On non-school related topics, this three-day weekend was much-needed. I enjoyed spending as much time as possible with my husband. We enjoyed a trip into the city and great food. After my hubby comment that I needed at new purse, my current Vera bag has seen better days. I’m now enjoying the search for a new handbag, apparently I need a nice sophisticated one.

My dream purse, if I had no budget, would be the MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Classic Q – Natasha’ Crossbody Flap Bag in Cinnamon Stick.


But for now I dream, and add purses to my wishlist for my hubs to buy for me! 🙂

Wishing everyone a great week!



As 2012 came to a close, I reflected on what areas of my life needed improvement. What I came to recognize is that I need to practice the art of reflection. I learned during my student teaching that reflection is a critical part of being a teacher. After taking my current teaching position I have thought many times about my need to reflex but hadn’t found a way to incorporate it into my life. I’m turning to a blog to help make me accountable to this process in order to better myself as a teacher.

I’m a new teacher, although I’ve been out of college now since 2009. I started wanting to teach in Elementary school, I even student taught in 3rd and 4th grade, and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. But that’s not the path God created for me. God finally led me to a place where I would become a Pre-K Special Education teacher.

Never in my whole life did I ever consider this as a career path, but I’m so glad that God led me to this place. The past few months have been an amazing journey of growth, discovery, and a huge run-in with the first year teaching crud. (Yes, I was sick for over a month and a half. No one said this would be easy).

Going forward I plan to post updates once a week, probably on Fridays, to chronicle the learning explorations going on in my classroom and reflections on my teaching.

I hope this post is the start of many new explorations. Thanks for stopping by!


Pre-K Explorer