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april currently

listening: been on a documentary kick lately

loving: Doctor Who. I’ve loved the Doctor for a while, but the new episode was fantastic. With the work I need to do for school I’ve decided to run away with the Doctor.

thinking: I’m in charge of designing of an invitation for an upcoming school event.

wanting: I need to buy new pants, and shirts for work. I have not patience for finding clothes. I need a personal shopper to help me find nice clothes that fit. Any takers?

needing: April will be the death of me, I have eight ARDs this month. It’s a petal to the metal, get ‘er done month. Is it June yet.

advice: I don’t have a lot of advice. But linking up like I’m today with Oh Boy 4th Grade really helps to bring traffic to your blog.

Have a great month!


I’m linking up with Jennifer over at Rowdy in First Grade, it’s a couple days late, but after the day I had I need a bit of positive thinking.









Something Good at Home:

I’m blessed that after a rough day at school I was able to come home to a wonderful dinner cooked by my husband and for the quality time we spent together to help refresh me for tomorrow. I don’t like him having to work on the weekends, since its my only time off but the trade off really helps me get through the week.

Something Good at School:

One of the best things about my job is seeing the small moments of growth in my students. Most of the time it’s something that could be taken for granted, like today when a student said “buh-bye” to our librarian. It was small but it showed tremendous growth since the beginning of the year. Its these little moments that make my job so worth all the stress and paperwork.


Happy Fat Tuesday!



1. I took a screenshot of a PowerPoint I created to make it easy to launch YouTube videos during circle time. Next week, we will be learning about shapes and I found some great videos from Have Fun Teaching! I introduced the circle song earlier this week, and my kids loved it! One of my favorite tools for watching videos in class is a site called ViewPure. It creates an ad free link to YouTube videos, no more worrying about which ad will turn up when your on YouTube in class. I also use a PowerPoint to aid in music selection at the end of the day. It helps my students to make choices, and wait for their turn to make a choice.

2. I downloaded Monkey Preschool Lunchbox on my Nexus 7 for school, and it really motivated my students to keep learning. It covers colors, letters, counting, differences, and matching. It also continually plays, so the kids can keep playing without getting frustrated.

3. Hulu…not for the classroom but for this teacher planning her next week and watching old Sabrina: The Teenage Witch episodes! Greatest discovery, I used to love watching it every week.

4. Teachers Pay Teachers. It’s a no-brainer that it’s an amazing resource, but I finally broke down and bought some amazing products with the Sunday Super sale. Picked up an incredible cute Owl newsletter for my classroom from MsFultzsCorner, some Chevron letters and numbers and an ice cream graphic (I’m super excited to make a file folder game from the Icecream Pile Up clipart!) from Graphics From the Pond, and a great social story on sharing from Thespecialedteacher.

Have a great week!




1. I got “flowers” from one of my students this morning. I was at the door welcoming my students as they arrived at school. One of my kiddos was playing with toys in the classroom came up to meet at the door and said “Ms. A. I have flowers for you. It was one of the cutest things and totally made my day.

2. We had a lice egg scare this morning. Thankfully, the nurse found no live bugs, but it definitely gave me scary flashbacks to the horrible delousing process, and the horrible haircut from some lady at her house. First thing I did when I got home was to wash my hair and then threw all our bedding and towels in the washer. boots

3. Sorry for the bad picture, but snapped a quick photo of  my wonderful hubbies work on boots for my Puss in Boots small group patterning activity. He cut like 60 out by hand, yeah he’s pretty awesome! ❤

DSC020964. We finished up our Ballads, Folktales, and Fables unit with Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed. Babe the Big Blue Ox helped us work on size differentiation. They did great, this little one worked on his handwriting skills!

5. My students help make Applesauce  for today’s large group activity, and it went really well. “Cooking” is an interesting process with 3 year olds, but they enjoyed it and they actually a healthy snack today.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

I’m using the day off to check things off my to-do list. It’s definitely starting to be the busy time of year with ARDs and assessments.

When I wasn’t busy trying to get caught up on ARD paperwork, I created a new token board system.  I will  be completing a lot of assessments in the next couple months,  and I will need a good motivator to get my little ones to work.

So, thanks in part to: Image

Here is what I created (sorry for the glare): Image

The hearts are from Kady Did Doodles and the stars are clip art. One of these days I will figure out how to post it for others to use, especially if there’s interest.

I also made a Valentine’s Day themed file folder game using the hearts. I heart great freebie finds!

I’ve still got to make the motivator choice PECs, but most of the pictures I need are on my classroom camera. Oh well, more work for another day.

On non-school related topics, this three-day weekend was much-needed. I enjoyed spending as much time as possible with my husband. We enjoyed a trip into the city and great food. After my hubby comment that I needed at new purse, my current Vera bag has seen better days. I’m now enjoying the search for a new handbag, apparently I need a nice sophisticated one.

My dream purse, if I had no budget, would be the MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Classic Q – Natasha’ Crossbody Flap Bag in Cinnamon Stick.


But for now I dream, and add purses to my wishlist for my hubs to buy for me! 🙂

Wishing everyone a great week!