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april currently

listening: been on a documentary kick lately

loving: Doctor Who. I’ve loved the Doctor for a while, but the new episode was fantastic. With the work I need to do for school I’ve decided to run away with the Doctor.

thinking: I’m in charge of designing of an invitation for an upcoming school event.

wanting: I need to buy new pants, and shirts for work. I have not patience for finding clothes. I need a personal shopper to help me find nice clothes that fit. Any takers?

needing: April will be the death of me, I have eight ARDs this month. It’s a petal to the metal, get ‘er done month. Is it June yet.

advice: I don’t have a lot of advice. But linking up like I’m today with Oh Boy 4th Grade really helps to bring traffic to your blog.

Have a great month!


March Currently














I love linking up with Farley’s Currently every month!

Listening – Bones, weekends are my chance to catch up with my TV shows.

Loving- After this next week with Parent Teacher Conferences, and 3 ARDs, I’ll being needing this much needed Spring Break and loving that I’ll be seeing family.

Thinking – My classroom has been rapidly adding students, and the dynamics of my students changed. Now I’m trying to figure out how to help my classroom dynamics be more effective.

Wanting – I want and need to be healthy before Spring Break gets here, being sick over time off is no fun.

Needing – My parent teacher conferences are on Monday, I got to prepare progress reports. Plus, I have a ton of work to finish.

Like, love, hate – Starbucks and coffee what else is there? love all Girl Scout cookies, especially Samoas. The problem is my husband loaded up on boxes this year, and now I can’t stop eating them. I definitely hate stress, don’t we all.

I’m linking up with Jennifer over at Rowdy in First Grade, it’s a couple days late, but after the day I had I need a bit of positive thinking.









Something Good at Home:

I’m blessed that after a rough day at school I was able to come home to a wonderful dinner cooked by my husband and for the quality time we spent together to help refresh me for tomorrow. I don’t like him having to work on the weekends, since its my only time off but the trade off really helps me get through the week.

Something Good at School:

One of the best things about my job is seeing the small moments of growth in my students. Most of the time it’s something that could be taken for granted, like today when a student said “buh-bye” to our librarian. It was small but it showed tremendous growth since the beginning of the year. Its these little moments that make my job so worth all the stress and paperwork.


Happy Fat Tuesday!


As 2012 came to a close, I reflected on what areas of my life needed improvement. What I came to recognize is that I need to practice the art of reflection. I learned during my student teaching that reflection is a critical part of being a teacher. After taking my current teaching position I have thought many times about my need to reflex but hadn’t found a way to incorporate it into my life. I’m turning to a blog to help make me accountable to this process in order to better myself as a teacher.

I’m a new teacher, although I’ve been out of college now since 2009. I started wanting to teach in Elementary school, I even student taught in 3rd and 4th grade, and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. But that’s not the path God created for me. God finally led me to a place where I would become a Pre-K Special Education teacher.

Never in my whole life did I ever consider this as a career path, but I’m so glad that God led me to this place. The past few months have been an amazing journey of growth, discovery, and a huge run-in with the first year teaching crud. (Yes, I was sick for over a month and a half. No one said this would be easy).

Going forward I plan to post updates once a week, probably on Fridays, to chronicle the learning explorations going on in my classroom and reflections on my teaching.

I hope this post is the start of many new explorations. Thanks for stopping by!


Pre-K Explorer