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april currently

listening: been on a documentary kick lately

loving: Doctor Who. I’ve loved the Doctor for a while, but the new episode was fantastic. With the work I need to do for school I’ve decided to run away with the Doctor.

thinking: I’m in charge of designing of an invitation for an upcoming school event.

wanting: I need to buy new pants, and shirts for work. I have not patience for finding clothes. I need a personal shopper to help me find nice clothes that fit. Any takers?

needing: April will be the death of me, I have eight ARDs this month. It’s a petal to the metal, get ‘er done month. Is it June yet.

advice: I don’t have a lot of advice. But linking up like I’m today with Oh Boy 4th Grade really helps to bring traffic to your blog.

Have a great month!


March Currently














I love linking up with Farley’s Currently every month!

Listening – Bones, weekends are my chance to catch up with my TV shows.

Loving- After this next week with Parent Teacher Conferences, and 3 ARDs, I’ll being needing this much needed Spring Break and loving that I’ll be seeing family.

Thinking – My classroom has been rapidly adding students, and the dynamics of my students changed. Now I’m trying to figure out how to help my classroom dynamics be more effective.

Wanting – I want and need to be healthy before Spring Break gets here, being sick over time off is no fun.

Needing – My parent teacher conferences are on Monday, I got to prepare progress reports. Plus, I have a ton of work to finish.

Like, love, hate – Starbucks and coffee what else is there? love all Girl Scout cookies, especially Samoas. The problem is my husband loaded up on boxes this year, and now I can’t stop eating them. I definitely hate stress, don’t we all.


listening – these are welcome sounds of my husband being home from work

loving- that we finally own a grown-up dresser instead of just Itzo storage cubes

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